Fund types

Donations and rewards

This form of crowdfunding is especially popular among creative projects. In most cases, you already get a reward when donating as little as €10.

This can be a gadget or a download of an album or a movie.

E.g. You see a project offering a nice gadget. You will get it if you support the project.

You son's football team needs a new coach. As the father of one of the players, you want to donate €20 to the team without wanting something in return.

Loans & Bonds

This type of crowdfunding is mainly used for business projects. You lend someone a particular amount of money to support his or her project. This can be a loan with a fixed monthly repayment, a loan with an annual interest repayment where the capital is repaid at the end or a loan where both the capital and the interest are repaid at the end of the term.

E.g. A project promoter is looking for seed capital to buy material. You can lend him money. In some cases, you can also opt for a win-win loan. If you do so, you will also obtain a fiscal advantage.

* only in Belgium for now

Revenue / Profit sharing

This type of crowdfunding is mainly used by companies that want to set up a new project within the company. By investing a predetermined amount of money, you get a form of profit sharing. This profit is determined based on the revenue growth of the project.

E.g. A company has been active for several years, but wants to set up a new project. In exchange for capital, they pay investors a financial return based on the revenue growth over a number of years.

* only in Belgium for now


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