How does CroFun work?

Crofun is 100% online

Crofun is a fully automated crowdfunding and investing platform, which means you can independetly set up your project 100% online.

Are you looking for support for your project and do you want to use crowdfunding? If so, make sure to prepare your project to the smallest detail. Be realistic and set achievable goals. The better you describe and illustrate your project, the more investors will show interest.


Set your goals

Crofun offers two types of funding principles to raise funds:

a) Flexible funding: In these projects, the project promoter always receives the raised funds. Even when the indicated goal has not been achieved.

b) All or nothing: In these projects, the project promoter only receives the raised funds when the target has been reached by one hundred percent or more and within the indicated period. If the goal isn't achieved, all investors will be refunded. 

Be realistic. Which budget do I need? How much of my own capital do I invest? Which added value can I offer? When answering these questions, it is important to know how other project promoters go about it. Look at what works for them and write your own success story!


Create added value

People support projects for several reasons. Some invest in a project because they feel involved. Some are particularly interested in the rewards they receive in return. Others hope to get a potentially higher return.

Determine yourself which type of investors you want to attract and what you want to give them in return. Again, be realistic. Do not just think about what you want to give them, but especially what you can give them.


Marketing and PR

Crofun helps you to find the best financial solution for your project. But be careful! It is not a magical formula to gain capital. Although we offer a legal and commercial framework, attracting investors is something you have to do yourself.

First and foremost, look at your own network. Did you succeed in persuading your family, friends and acquaintances to support your project? Well done! Now you are ready to attract unknown investors. Promote your project and keep your network posted on the latest developments. Show your dedication! The difference between boring and inspiring people has often to do with the amount of passion you put into your story.


Reap the benefits of your work

Reap the benefits of your work and let your dream come true! You deserved it.

Need more inspiration? Take a look at our Tips & Tricks page and become a true crowdfunding expert.


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