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The library of Bajram Curri, a city in the Albanian mountains, was once one of the best libraries in the North of the country. However since 1991 the library has received no funding and in 1997, when civil war almost broke out in Albania, the library lost most of its books. The building were the library is situated is in very bad condition and there are only old books left. 

Citizens and in particular youth need books not only to read for their pleasure, but also to work for their school assignments. It is unacceptable that thousands of citizens and about 1000 students are left without a decent library in their town.

As the government and the local authorities do not take their responsibility I find it important to take this matter in our hands and together with some citizens and students renovate the building and buy new books.

I have received a letter from the library with 100 titles of books which are urgently needed.

The money donated for this project will be spent for the renovation works and to buy books, to start with the 100 books (each one of them in two copies).

You can also contribute by depositing money on this account number in case you prefer:

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BE19 3631 5640 0012

Books can change lives!
Thank you for your support!

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