Do you have a great idea, need some help or do you want to start your own business? Crofun helps you to get your project funded! Thanks to our wide range of crowdfunding types such as donations, rewards, crowdloans, crowdbonds or shares, you create the perfect combination for your project.

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What is a good project ? And how do you promote it? - What is a good network ? - How can I achieve my goals?

Crofun created a crowdfunding manual that will guide you step by step towards a successful project. Watch out, crowdfunding is not a magic tool. It's hard work, so prepare yourself.

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Are you looking for financial support for your project and are you considering crowdfunding? Just go for it! Crowdfunding is no longer for the happy few. Thanks to the social media, this is no longer the case. Your network has never been more within grasp.

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